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Dr. Victor W.Isaac

Dr. Isaac is an interventional physiatrist and rehabilitation specialist. He specializes in the evaluation and treatment of non-surgical spinal and musculoskeletal disorders. His focus is on the benefits of physical rehabilitation and its ability to heal the patient without the need for surgery.


Dr. Isaac received his medical training from the University of Alexandria, Egypt and completed his residency in PM&R at Nassau University Medical Center, New York. He completed a prestigious fellowship at the Penn Spine Center of the University of Pennsylvania. He is board certified with the American Academy of physical medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) with board certification subspecialty in Pain Medicine. He is specifically trained in the areas of electromyography, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections. He has authored many articles in professional journals, several book chapters and has presented at numerous medical conferences and meetings.

His excellent training and advanced study has also allowed him to participate in many previous and ongoing research studies.


Dr. Isaac is a member of several national academies and associations, including;

North American Spine Society, Physiatric Association of Spine, Sports and Occupation Rehabilitation, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation etc.


Dr. Isaac enjoys swimming and soccer. He lives in Brentwood, TN and he is happily married with two daughters.

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