Dr. Matthew Michaels


Over the last 2 years, my practice has shifted towards regenerative Orthobiologic cellular medicine (Stem cell and Platelet-rich plasma injections).


We now know that the majority of these conditions are caused by tissue degeneration and failure of healing rather than inflammation. For these reasons, I decided to pursue formal training in regenerative medicine at the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation. Since early 2017 I have been using platelet-rich plasma, autologous bone marrow-derived and fat-derived stem cell treatments in clinical practice with outstanding results.

My practice methods are heavily influenced by my personal history of chronic back pain and my athletic background. I employ a number of tools to diagnose and treat your condition. However, whether we employ conventional treatments or regenerative medicine, my ultimate goal is to educate you regarding the root causes of your pain in order to give you the tools you need to treat yourself as much as possible. We want to teach you to help yourself, so you will need our help less often. I have authored a book on the topic of self-help for back pain that should make it easier for you to obtain the knowledge you need. The title is:

  "Take Control of Your Back Pain"

Learn how to stop hurting yourself

    and take control of your pain.

My focus is on painful conditions of the bones, joints, muscles, nerves and connective tissue. In that context, my primary focus is on painful conditions of the spine including neck pain and headaches as well as lower back pain and leg pain. I have pursued extensive training and have decades of experience in fluoroscopic and ultrasound-guided Interventional spinal and peripheral joint procedures, nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, and limb joint injections. These techniques are employed as a part of a comprehensive integrated program of therapy, education, and exercise. Specifically, injections are used to diagnose and to treat conditions that are resistant to physical therapy. In this context, injection techniques serve exclusively as a tool to facilitate participation in a comprehensive, customized rehabilitation program.

When not practicing medicine I enjoy reading, exercise, skiing, and woodworking. I am an Ironman triathlete, weightlifter, downhill skier, and I practice yoga regularly. I have two adult daughters.

I'm committed to helping my patients of all ages achieved their health goals through individual care and health education to give them the tools needed to manage your own pain through physical therapy, exercise, injections, and surgery if and when necessary.